There’s a Lesson in Everything

Today the girls and I met my sister-in-law and nephew for lunch at a chain fast food restaurant, and after we ate, we let the kids wear themselves out in the play area.

Seriously, whoever invented play areas attached to restaurants must have had preschoolers in mind.  Eat.  Run.  Sleep.  That is how it should go at lunchtime everyday.

The three cousins didn’t have the place to themselves, though.  There were two brothers in there playing as well, the oldest of which couldn’t have been older than 7.  They were sweet kids, playing well together and with Madeline.  One of the little boys noticed Clara’s stump, and immediately called his brother’s attention to it.  I hadn’t been paying attention at the time, so I didn’t realize what the two boys were talking about.

“That girl’s hand is broken.  Look!”

One of the brothers stepped out of the play area to get his mother to look at it.  His face had confusion and genuine concern.

When his mother and grandmother came in, they of course realized what the little boys had been talking about.  They handled the situation very well, explaining that God makes little children of all shapes and sizes and each is unique from the rest.  It was a new lesson for those little boys; I could tell.  They clearly hadn’t seen anyone with a different looking limb from the general population, or at least not one that they had noticed.

Things like this happen often.  Little children are so truthful and blunt, and they are often not ashamed to say out loud some things that adults would normally keep to themselves.  Kids ask me all the time about Clara’s little stump:  they ask what happened to her hand, where it went, why she doesn’t have it.

Clara isn’t old enough to respond herself yet, but I know one thing for sure:  I want to teach her to respond gently and with love.  I realize that for each of these children that ask me, and for some of their parents, too, meeting Clara is a little bit of a learning experience.  It’s putting a real face to things we may hear about or see pictures of on the internet.  It’s seeing that a little girl can crawl, walk, climb, clap, drink from her cup, and do anything anyone else can do with just her little hand and her stump.

This little girl doesn’t know it yet, but God has plans for her that will blow my mind.

And hers.

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In praying and thinking about different ways to raise funds for my upcoming trip to Thailand, I came to the idea that I could make and sell some of my homemade, all natural body care items that I make for my family.

Before this week I made only deoderant for myself, hair moisturizer/conditioner, and body butter.  Upon squeezing the last few drops of Boudreaux’s Butt Paste out of the three tubes we had lying about the house, I thought I would like to make some diaper cream for Clara.

I did a bit of research, looking up different diaper creams and what kinds of ingredients they had.  I, of course, am not a large company and cannot put all kinds of emulsifiers and preservatives in my products, but that’s really the idea isn’t it?  I looked for the main ingredients, the ones that truly heal the skin and protect it from the wet diaper it touches.

After a few days of research, I came up with a list of some key ingredients to make my diaper cream:  coconut oil, shea butter, beeswax, and zinc oxide powder.

I had found out that zinc oxide powder is most often the ingredient in diaper creams that heals any rash.  Unfortunately, zinc oxide powder is also the only ingredient in diaper cream that makes it incompatible with cloth diapers.  So, that wouldn’t be going into my own diaper cream.

So my three other ingredients went into a double boiler and were melted down; about 1 part shea butter, 2 parts coconut oil, and 1 tbsp of beeswax pellets.  After it was combined, I poured my newest concoction into a mason jar and let it cool.

The next morning, I had a wonderful test for this new diaper cream on my hands.  In the interest of not over-sharing, let’s just say that Clara has had quite an appetite lately, which means she is producing many more dirty diapers.  When she produces a lot of dirty diapers in a day, no matter how quickly we change them, she gets quite a nasty diaper rash.  Poor girl has some seriously sensitive skin.

Anyway, I saw her rash and thought “oh geez, this diaper cream doesn’t even have zinc.  I hope it works.”  I doubted this new cream could do anything to the rash I saw on her.

But I consistently applied it after every diaper change and used it liberally.  In one day, I saw almost half of her rash go away, and most of it shrank.  In two days, there literally is no rash left on her bottom.  I could hardly believe it.  This diaper cream worked as well, if not better than, my precious Boudreaux’s Butt Paste, for which I had been paying almost $8 for 4 oz.  This 2 oz. batch of my “Butt Goo” cost me pennies, literally.

Please feel free to use the above instructions to make your own “Butt Goo”, but if you’d like to wait a few days until I receive my containers in the mail, I will be selling “Butt Goo” through my blog.

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