Food Waste Friday

I haven’t yet participated in this through my blog, but oh boy have I been ever since I started reading her posts.  The Frugal Girl is one of my favorite bloggers, and I’ve been reading her for almost two years now.  One of the best things she started, in my opinion, is Food Waste Fridays:  a way to raise awareness of how much food we waste in our kitchens each week.

For my first week I didn’t do so terribly, but I was quite disappointed regardless because of what I was throwing away.

Most of this is left over from Beard’s graduation party last Sunday.  I was expecting a few more big eaters, and we had a lot of leftovers.  We sent a good amount home with friends and family, but apparently we were still left with too much.

The top container is leftover lemon cilantro potato salad.  It was an awesome recipe I found on Pinterest, but it made 5 lbs of potatoes.  And usually 15 people won’t eat 5 lbs of potato salad.  Bummer.

Underneath that is some homemade salsa.  I made it with fresh tomatoes, which is unfortunate.  I hate wasting fresh produce.

Finally, the bottom is what spinach I had leftover.  If you remember my post last week about my aversion to green salads, I was having a hard time getting through my spinach and was putting it into smoothies.  After a while I was getting nauseated from smoothies, so I had to just pass up the spinach altogether.  Of course by the time I’m starting to get my normal appetite again (yay 2nd trimester!) my spinach has gone wilty and gross.

What did you guys waste this week?


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