Some Very Ancient Waste

Cleaning out my fridge today wasn’t nearly as depressing as it was last week.

Until I realized how old the things I am throwing away really are.

On the right is a package of fresh basil that I bought to make a dish for Beard’s graduation party.  Which was almost three weeks ago.

And on the left is the two lonely cinnamon rolls that are left from the package of homemade ones we bought at our local Amish grocer.  These were delicious, but there really are only so many cinnamon rolls two people can eat.  We bought these definitely before Beard’s graduation party.  I’m not even sure when.  They didn’t have any visible mold, but since I know they are made without preservatives and they are over three weeks old, I made the executive decision to throw them away.

How did you guys do?  Waste anything this week?


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