An Excellent Week For Food Waste!

Good afternoon!

This week I am so pleased to say that I have no food waste to report.  None.  Absolutely not a scrap.

The only waste we had this week in the Domesticated Physicist household was a very old container of generic Metamucil.  After having told my mom about my, um, most annoying pregnancy issue, she bequeathed me with a bottle she’d had in her cabinet.  Apparently that bottle had been there since before I graduated high school; it expired March of 2005.  Although I’m not sure how Metamucil expires, I wasn’t about to risk seven year old fiber powder.  I do like my colon, thank you very much.

Since I usually have some gross picture of inedible food, I’ll change it up this week and post a few pictures Beard took earlier this week:

This is the good old pregnancy gut.  Small, but it’s a start.  (17 weeks)

This is what my pregnancy gut will eventually look like.  Yes, I will have to make that face.  It is the only way to offset the discomforts of late pregnancy.

This was my idea.  Taking belly pictures with the Bitsy Girl, so we can chronicle how both our little people are growing in one easy photo.

And finally this picture.  My husband has figured out how to make it look as though Bitsy Girl is taking a picture of herself (classic MySpace shot).  This cracks me up, and it evidently cracks her up, too.  I love it.

Well, that’s all for now folks.  Happy Food Waste Friday!



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