And So the Challenge Begins

Earlier this week I posted about a wind storm we had experienced that left the DP household without power for a few days. Although I had cleaned out my refrigerator and freezer the day our power came on and had a few casualties (two packages of kalberwurst, a traditional Swiss sausage from WI, and a few slices of bacon) we were able to use up most of the frozen food that had defrosted and salvage our refrigerated dairy by bringing it to a friend’s house to keep cool. I hadn’t posted about this last Friday, and I’m sorry. It was a crazy week.
Needless to say, I was excited to clean out my fridge this morning and post any waste I had for all of internetdom to see. But alas. There is no waste!
There is, though, an surplus of leftover food from Bitsy Girl’s birthday barbeque on Sunday. All of the meat has been frozen, and most of the sides have been eaten, but I still have some pesto pasta salad (made by my father, so it will not go to waste, a couple of pounds of cherries, and most of a watermelon. I’ve already made jam from some of the cherries, and I intend to make some more jam, since there really are only so many cherries a small family can eat.
Any suggestions for the watermelon? I’ve seen recipes for sorbet that require an ice cream maker, which I don’t have, and I’ve also seen recipes for dehydrated watermelon, which I also don’t have. Any other ideas for preserving/using up lots of watermelon?
Otherwise, I’ll invited several of my closest friends to come eat it fresh. ๐Ÿ™‚
I hope you all have done well in reducing waste this week!


3 thoughts on “And So the Challenge Begins”

  1. Not much of suggestion for the watermelon, but if you will just be eating it, peel it and cut it up into fairly small pieces to keep in the fridge. It is easier to eat his way, so you will be much more likely to pull out a little to snack on, than if you had to pull out the whole watermelon and cut a big slice off. And just pull the bowl out and set it in front of you and the family while watching tv or something, I bet you’ll be surprised at how fast it disappears.

    I ate almost a whole (smallish) watermelon by myself in 3 days by doing this.

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