A Frustrating Week on the Food Waste Front

Here it is, folks:

This week I found some things that had just gotten away from me.

On the left is a tiny bit of half and half left from when I had my mom and sister staying over.  I typically drink coffee black, but they like to use half and half, and I couldn’t find a smaller carton.  I had been trying to use it in recipes, but I didn’t quite use the last bit.

Next to that is about a serving of rice and beans that I made almost two weeks ago.  I was hoping we could do a leftovers night and either Beard or I would eat that.  It never happened.

On top of that is a small container of baked beans that I had put in Beard’s lunchbox for work “at some point”.  He brought it home one day, saying it had been in the refrigerator at work for some unknown period of time.  I am too scared to risk food poisoning to even taste it.

Next to those I have a small moldy half of a lime in a ziplock bag.  I hate when this happens.  I cut up part of a lemon or lime to throw in my water, put the rest in the fridge, then I inevitably forget about it.

Finally, the last bag is of a meal I had thrown together for Bitsy Girl while we were camping.  It has grilled chicken, steamed mixed veggies, ripped up tortilla, and ranch dressing.  Yes, that sounds gross, but she actually likes it.  This is what I get for having a daughter born in the south:  she will eat anything covered in ranch dressing.  Since she wasn’t very hungry when we tried to give it to her, and it went back into the cooler for another day and a half, I’m deciding to throw it away.

I feel better now that everything is out of the fridge.  How about you guys?




One thought on “A Frustrating Week on the Food Waste Front”

  1. your daughter liking ranch dressing made me laugh. my son who is 4.5 doesn’t even like to be in the same room with the stuff. I think his loathing of it comes from a well meaning nursery school teacher trying to get him to eat carrotts. Unfortunately it now extends to anything with sour cream in it or cheese.

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