Green Update: A Second Chance

Folks, I don’t often post about our garden.  You’ll find there are just a few pieces here and there about what I’ve planted or maybe how terrible our garden is.  That is mainly because I am just a little ashamed of our garden.

For the past two years I have been gung ho about the initial weeding, preparing of soil, and planting in the spring.  I usually keep up with weeding for several weeks, but by the time the hot days of summer roll around, I find it hard to justify spending an hour in the morning fighting nature by plucking grasses and dandelions from my precious vegetable beds.

(I want to add the caveat here that for both of these summers I have been pregnant.  Not that this is an excuse, but I simply don’t have my normal energy while pregnant that I normally would.)

This year, our only surviving and producing plants from the initial spring planting were lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, and cilantro.  Although these are lovely, I had greatly missed fresh green beans, zucchini, squash, basil, cucumbers, and a few other things I threw in the ground.

In mid July I learned I might have a second shot at this year’s garden, and I posted about that here.  I selected some veggies that should fair well in our area planted in the dead of summer.

Thanks to the recent heat wave and plentiful thunderstorms, our garden is actually looking alive again!  It has been almost 3 weeks since the July planting, and already I have new bean plants, a few cucumber plants, some zucchini plants, and some butternut squash and pumpkin plants.  I cannot tell you how excited I am.

I spent yesterday morning weeding carefully around my new little plants, just dreaming of the sweet cucumbers and crunchy beans I could be enjoying in a few short weeks.

Honestly, I’m just glad this second planting actually worked!

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