A Little Girl Who Will Be Missed

We found out a few weeks ago that some good friends of ours will be moving out of state. We have this couple for almost two years, and we’ve been able to watch their family grow.  They have a little girl only two months older than Bitsy Girl, and the two are just adorable playmates.  So, naturally we were disappointed that our daughter’s homegirl, so to speak, would be moving hours away.

They are leaving this week and had to pack up their home, which is much easier without a little person running around, so I offered to watch their little girl for a day.

Having two babies in the house was not nearly as terrifying as I had thought.  Of course, when we have our second baby, he or she will be much needier at first than our friends’ daughter is at 15 months.

I still had to keep up with diapers and snacks and meals for two, which is not as overwhelming as I had thought.  Plus, I had a little while to myself while the two of them napped.  I was also able to spend a little time with each girl.  (While their naps over-lapped, they aren’t quite on the same sleeping schedule, so there was some time when one was awake and the other was sleeping.)

Spending some one on one time with our friends’ little girl just reminded me how sweet and gentle she is.  Bitsy Girl can be sweet in her own way, but she isn’t what I would call gentle.  Not like our friends’ daughter, at least.  She would hand me a book and set herself down in my lap carefully so I could read to her.  It’s quite a difference from my daughter who likes to climb me!

Both girls are lovely, and both are fun and playful.  I’m really going to miss our daughter’s ability to have this friend so close.

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