A Citrus Flavored Waste Around Here

Today is indeed Food Waste Friday.  I haven’t kept up with these while we’ve been out of town, but now that we are back and not going anywhere for several weeks, I was excited to clean out my fridge.

I was impressed that all I had to throw away was a bag of limes.  Don’t get me wrong; this was a travesty.  I threw away 7 limes that I’d had since Bitsy Girl’s birthday party about a month and a half ago.  We had made limeade, and I guess we didn’t use the rest of the limes.  Bummer.

How did you all do?  Any waste this week?

In other news, I owe you all a “belly picture”, but I’m holding off for another few days.  I’m one of the lucky people that get cold sores from stress, and apparently our drive down to Georgia was just stressful enough to bring one on.  And really, a cold sore would distract you from the grand belly that I am beginning to grow finally.



2 thoughts on “A Citrus Flavored Waste Around Here”

  1. If all you had was a bag of limes then you did well, indeed! If you have a garbage disposal, limes and lemons are great for cleaning the blades and freshening the drain. I lost a loaf of homemade bread, and that was it.

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