Busy Little Bits


About one month ago our little Bitsy Girl officially became a toddler, and ever since then she has been the busiest little girl I have ever seen. I realize that part of this is a reflection in my habits; I tend to always have something going on or to always be doing something with my hands. Because of this, my daughter feels like that is what she needs to be doing with her day! I have We Bitsy Girl walk around the house with a sense of purpose carrying any odd array of objects she can get into her little grasp, putting them in random places. I have found.d her toys in the kitchen towel drawer, dog toys with her toys in the nursery, and empty laundry baskets just about everywhere. I think my favorite “busy habit” of hers is when she takes a cloth from the kitchen and wipes everything down with it. Seriously, I must wipe a lot of things for this baby to do it as much as she does. Both Beard and I find these habits of our daughter’s cute and hilarious, but we also saw them as a stage in her development: she has a desire to be a productive member of the household. Whether this is a common time for toddlers to express this need, I am not sure, but there is no mistaking that this Bitsy Girl wants to help her mommy and daddy get things done. Which is why we have decided to have Bitsy Girl help with small “chores” around the house. Sometimes these tasks take twice as long because she is helping, but the reward far outweighs the extra time it takes to complete the task. Bitsy Girl feels helpful and lives getting praised for completing a task. I want to share with my readers some of the simple tasks that Bitsy Girl helps with in hopes that you may be able to make your toddler feel like a more productive member of the household. 1. Wiping the table: usually Bitsy will help wipe the tray on her high chair after a meal. I show her how to wipe each time, hand her the cloth, and ask her to wipe after me. When she is done she always plays hide and seek with the cloth; her sense of humor astounds me. 2. Putting items in a container: whether it is small toys, dominoes, or dried beans, Bitsy Girl loves the satisfaction of putting things away. Then dumping them out and putting them away again. 3. Transferring clothes from the washer to the dryer: Bitsy is the perfect height for this since both machines are front loading. 4. Holding an object for later use: often when changing her diaper, we will ask Bitsy Girl to hold the diaper cream while we wipe her up and remove the dirty diaper. She loves it. 5. Turning lights on and off: of course she can’t reach light switches yet, but that doesn’t mean she has to miss out on all the fun. When we carry her into or out of a room, Bitsy gets to turn the lights on and off.

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