Green Updates: Little Stinkers

It has been a while since I have updated about our garden, so I thought this afternoon would be a perfect time to do so.
We re-planted just about everything in mid July in hopes of getting a better harvest for the summer.  Our tomatoes and string beams have been fairly successful; I am dancing with joy each time I collect fresh string beans. There really is nothing quite like them.
Our only true disappointment from this second harvest is all of our squash plants: zucchini, butternut, and pumpkin. The plants sprouted nicely and free well in the late summer heat, but to my dismay, we have squash bug infestation.  They had destroyed our first crop of squash, and I was hoping to avoid these parasites the second time around.
Squash bugs look a lot like stink bugs or shield bugs, and they suck the life out of squash plants through their leaves. General gardening advice says to kill the squash bugs you see and destroy the leaves that contain their small reddish eggs.
I have followed this advice to a tee; each morning I kill squash bugs and destroy their eggs, but it hasn’t seemed to help very much. Either I am missing some eggs or the bugs are migrating from somewhere else because I find more and more each subsequent morning.
I have read several methods for killing these insects, and I will be trying them out and reporting any successes or lack thereof. First I will try a spray I found at :
1 clove of garlic
1 small onion
1 tsp cayenne pepper
1 quart of water
This mixture should sit overnight before being used on plants.
I will try this spray and report back its success, buying the meantime, what tried and true methods do you all have for getting rid of squash bugs?

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