A Win on the Food Waste Front

Dearest Readers,

This week is one of those weeks I like to celebrate in my kitchen. There was no food waste this week. None at all. Maybe because I have been working on freezing leftovers quickly or because both Bitsy Girl and I have been putting fruit away like it’s our job. Either way it’s exciting to report that there was absolutely no waste this week. 🙂

How did you all do? Any waste this week?

In other news:

I did my daily duty this morning of killing squash bugs and destroying their eggs. Sadly I still see no decline of the population after weeks of doing this, but on the bright side, the plants themselves seem to be withstanding the attack. I mixed the onion, garlic, and cayenne pepper solution this morning, and I hope to either spray this evening or this morning.

We have actively been trying to get Bitsy Girl to understand that there will be another person living in our house soon. I realize that at 14 months there is really only so much she can understand, but I don’t want the presence of a new brother or sister to be a complete surprise to her. Both Beard and I have been saying the word “baby” while pointing to my (now quite swollen) belly. We tell her there is a baby in mommy’s belly. If we ask her, though, “Where is the baby?” She repeats “baby” and points to herself.

For now, kid. But you are about to be usurped.


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