Green Updates: Some New Life

Last week I had left you all with a really gross sounding recipe for some squash bug killing spray. Strangely enough, this spray almost smelled appetizing.

Way to go pregnancy hormones.

Anyway, as promised, I am reporting on its ability to really get rid of the nasty stinkers.  This spray really did work.  Probably because it was so potent (I mean, vampires wouldn’t go near it, so why would squash bugs?).  I made the spray in the late morning and let it steep most of the day and overnight.  In the morning I added a few squirts of dish soap because I had heard from some friends that this makes the squash plant’s leaves slippery and helps to prevent the bugs from returning.

I waddled myself out to the backyard early in the morning to discover an overabundance of squash bugs on my precious zucchini.  Again.  So I sprayed those little stinkers in the face.  I mean right between the eyes.

Consequently I’m not even sure squash bugs have eyes, but I am so mad at their existence at this point, that even if they don’t have eyes, that’s what I’m aiming for.

Anyway, as I sprayed my plants I watched the squash bugs flee for their lives.  They literally scurried and jumped off of the squash plants to get away from the stench of garlic, olive oil, and cayenne pepper.

This made me think that I could probably have just poured some of my homemade chili on the squash plants, but that would be a waste of ground meat and beans.  Oh well.

Over the next few days I watched my plants carefully, and the stinky little squash bugs have yet to return.  Which means my squash plants have been growing more leaves and flowers.  Hopefully it isn’t too late for a small crop of some summer squash. 🙂

And yes, I have danced my happy dance.

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