And Exotic Fruits for the Win

Today’s Food Waste Friday is a bit depressing.  Our little family spent two weeks on the road, and I honestly shouldn’t have left any produce in the fridge.  I am a little ashamed that I did.  But the worst thing, folks, is that what I left in the fridge are now nearly unrecognizable.

The vegetable on the left is a small eggplant from my father’s garden that I haven’t gotten around to cooking with yet.  The fruit on the right is a cactus pear.  Bitsy Girl loves these things, and I really shouldn’t have left it behind.  She would eat these things for breakfast, lunch, and dinner if I let her.

Consequently I don’t let her because it notoriously changes one’s fecal matter a very bright red, which can be a bit scary to find in a diaper. 😛

How did you all do this week?


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