Today is October 16, and already I am thinking about Christmas.
It is more than two months away, but I am planning on who to buy for, what to buy, and how much to spend.

I understand that there are people that do this every year.  These overachievers have their Christmas gifts purchased and wrapped by Halloween, and they often forget what they’ve even bought for people.

I, on the other hand have a few more motives this year.

First, and foremost, Beard and I will have a 3 or 4 week old infant in the house by Christmas, so I am assuming that I will not be able to shop or bake or do too much cooking for the month of December.  That means any gifts we want to purchase will have to be bought before Numero Dos is born, and most of the baking I want to do will have to be done before he or she is born, as well.

In addition to that huge motivator, I am looking forward to enjoying the month of December this year.  It will be Numero Dos’ first Christmas, and he or she will be a teeny, tiny little thing.  I have some cute Santa hats and props to take fun newborn pictures.  I am also looking forward to Bitsy Girl’s second Christmas, since this year she will understand much more, and she will be able to “help” decorate and learn some new Christmas words and maybe even a Christmas song or two.  I would rather enjoy these special times with my children than shop or bake in December.

Why post about this now?

Because part of the purpose of my blog is self and public accountability.  If I write and declare my intentions here, they are posted for my readers to see and for me to review later.

So I will ask you, my readers, to help keep me accountable (and maybe even join me) in trying to savor more of these times in the 2012 holiday season:

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