Super Simple Fall Craft (for the Challenged Crafter)

I have seen everyone and their mother make these wreaths on Pinterest and around town, so I decided to give it a go in hopes that it would be a simple project:

Thankfully it was, and I would love to share how I created this cute little wreath.


A straw wreath in the size of your choice (mine is a 16″ diameter) ($3.75)

one or two skeins of yarn (depending on the size of your wreath ($2.99)

artificial flowers ($3)


There wasn’t too much technique involved here.  I balled each of the skeins of yarn, then wrapped the yarn fairly tightly around the wreath to create and completely wrapped look.  I had started with just gray, but then ran out of that yarn and still had straw gaps to cover, so I made some fancy white stripes with yarn I had around the house.  (The gray yarn wasn’t a full skein anyway).

This was a tedious task, and it took probably over an hour.

After I finished wrapping, I grabbed my artificial flower bouquet and snipped off some of the flowers leaving about 1/2″ if stem attached.  I used the plastic stem of each flower to secure it to the wreath by pushing the stem through the straw.  For more flexible stems on the smaller flowers, I just tucked the stem into several wraps of yarn.

I’m sure you could hot glue the flowers to this wreath, as well as other decorative items if you were so inclined.  I am not so handy with a hot glue gun and decided against using one.

I hope you enjoy this super simple, super easy craft that can make your front door look cute for just over $10!

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