Food Waste Success! And Fall Fun Pictures

This week, my lovely readers, I am proud to announce that we didn’t have any food waste in the DP household this week. Which means my face looks like this:
I have some tomatoes that I really need to use; they are the last from our garden. I think I could brown them up and serve them with dinner, much to my poor husband’s dismay.
(Tomatoes are his kryptonite. He isn’t allergic, but he hatesthem. Loves ketchup and tomato sauce, and yes, even sun-dried tomatoes, but fresh tomatoes or lightly cooked tomatoes are Beard’s nemesis.)


In other fun news, I have a few pictures the post of my favorite toddler, and one to show the growth of our newest offspring.

Last weekend our church held a family fun day at a local pumpkin patch, and since Beard was working, I decided Bitsy Girl and I could use a fun day out. Here she is trying to paint her first pumpkin (after tasting the paint, of course).

…And she missed and hit the table. Oh well.
And finally, at 33 weeks, this is the Numero Dos belly in all of its grandieur:

I’m finally starting to feel large and in charge. With just seven weeks to go!

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