No Food Waste Plus an Awesome Buy at Sam’s


I am very pleased to report that we have wasted no food this week. To be perfectly honest, we probably didn’t waste food because we didn’t have a lot of food in the house this week. I had been avoiding doing any real grocery shopping for a long time, but the night I served kalberwurst with rice really tipped me off: clearly I am missing some staples in my kitchen. So off to the grocery stores I went. As I wrote yesterday, I made turkey chili for dinner, and I knew Beard would need cottage cheese for this meal. My sister-in-law had tipped me off that Sam’s was a good place to get the stuff. Well, turns out it is. This 5 lb tub cost me only $6. Yup. That is a lot of dairy for not a lot of money, folks. And like yogurt, cottage cheese stays fresh for a few weeks, so it doesn’t have to be consumed immediately. And one final note: the container reads “Regular Cottage Cheese”. As opposed to what? Irregular cottage cheese? Oh brother!

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