I Hate Wasting Meat


That’s it, folks. Our food waste this week is about one serving of the last of the kalberwurst that I had cooked in a brown gravy (because white gravy gives me the heeby jeebies).  The Bits had been tearing through this stuff for a while; of course I am the only one in the household that doesn’t fully appreciate the Swiss delicacy. I guess this last little bit got caught behind something in the fridge and I forgot about it. Now it is a little too old to do anything with it. Oh well. Fresh start for the week, I guess.
In other news, our family Get Ready for Christmas Early mission is in full swing. On Tuesday Beard and I visited a children’s consignment shop and got a few cool toys for Bitsy Girl. Our money goes further there, and the shop is picky about only selling goods that are gently used and in excellent condition.
I also pre-purchased our Christmas cards via a Groupon a few weeks ago. For those of you unaware of Groupon,  it is a website that offers goods and services at discount prices. They purchase things in bulk and offer them to online consumers at a discount rate, and what they offer constantly changes. We bought photo Christmas cards from a photo website and just have to insert our Christmas photo once we take it (after Numero Dos is born). I even managed to pick up all of the Christmas stamps I will need for cards. Score one for early preparations!

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