Green Updates: A Sweet Garden Surprise

In the words of great American poet Bruce Springsteen “the wind is whipping up the boardwalk… and Santa Claus is comin’ to town”. Or more generally, winter is on its way here. Which means I had a few winter preparations to do in the garden before it gets too cold.
This morning I spent a few hours pulling up any remaining dead plants in our beds (except rhubarb and strawberries, both of which will do well left over winter). I was placing some fallen leaves and straw over the empty dirt to keep some moisture in it over the short cold season we have.
Whilst taking my aggressions out on dead plants I came across a glorious surprise in my herb bed: a thriving fennel plant.
Early this spring I planted fennel seeds, but they were old seeds. They hadn’t produced anything the year before, so I had low expectations for a fennel harvest this year. But I have been fortunate enough to grow one fairly large fennel bulb. I don’t dare harvest it yet, because I would love for it to get bigger so I could cook it with onions and carrots for stuffing (or dressing, for you Southerners) .
That lovely little surprise is going to keep me smiling for at least another few days.
What sort of preparations do you do in your garden for winter? Ever find any surprise plants while doing so?

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