Still Just a Momma of Two..

Hey there readers. I bring you some good news today: we have no food waste to report.  We have really had a good few weeks as far as good waste goes; I’m not sure if that has more to do with us using better strategies or us eating more food (ok, me eating more food) as the arrival of our youngest approaches.
In other positive news: both Beard and I are tackling our Christmas list head on. Since he spends more time on the internet than I do, Beard is taking care of the online shopping. I am so grateful to him for this since I get very distracted shopping online.
I, on the other hand, have started to tackle the kids on our list at a local children’s consignment shop. I find some awesome toys and adorable clothes for great deals there! It makes our Christmas budget go further.
(Of course I made sure with the parents involved that second hand gifts are acceptable.)
But my final piece of news today is frustrating: I am still pregnant. Despite contractions and regular doses of evening primrose oil, we have no second child in our arms yet. Only two weeks and two days left!

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