Nesting at Christmas


During my last pregnancy I don’t particularly remember having a nesting period. I definitely prepare to have Bitsy Girl come home, but it wasn’t the crazy hormonal rage I had heard about from other women. Well, this pregnancy has made up for it! I have had a few days in the last week or two when all I want to do is fix up the house. I have been vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, generally cleaning in addition to finishing up with curtains in the house and decorating for Christmas. I have made curtains for three rooms in the house in the last two weeks! The best part of all, though, has been the Christmas decorating. For the first time since having my own space I have really enjoyed putting up our tree as well as using cheesy fake garland with some Christmas lights. And of course, covering our windows with window clings. I am not sure how I ended up in possession of at least 6 different kind of clings, but it has allowed me to bring Christmas into rooms where it normally doesn’t creep into. And of course I was creative with our tree topper: a Santa hat!

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