It’s a girl!

Hello Readers! It has been so long since we’ve talked. I really have gotten out of the swing of blogging what with being super pregnant and having a toddler. But fear not: the Domesticated Physicist is back. Why? Because I am no longer pregnant. The child previously referred to as Numerous Dos came into this world on Friday November 30 at 2304. We call her Squishy Girl. Not because she is particularly chunky (she is only 6 lbs of newborn cuteness as opposed to Bitsy Girl’s almost 7.5 lbs). Squishy Girl has the squishiest cheeks I have ever seen on a newborn baby; observe:


I will probably post more details about her birth at a later time, but it is enough to say for now that it was much, much easier than my first labor and delivery.

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