Getting Out And About Again

It has been almost two and a half weeks since the sweet little one known as Squishy Girl was born, and our little family has definitely had to adjust to a new way of doing a lot of things.

I was fortunate enough to have Beard home for a week and a half immediately following Squishy Girl’s birth; I was completely spoiled.  I had help getting two girls in the car, and I didn’t have to think of everything I’d need and pack it all up by myself each time we had to go out.  Not that we did very much.  We had one pediatrician’s visit and two trips to church.

Once Beard went back to work, our friends that we helped move to Georgia this summer (post) came to visit and take pictures of our new, larger family.  I still wasn’t quite alone with my two girls, and so I decided to continue to venture out of the house to keep myself in practice.

On Saturday, my friend offered to come with me to the local farmer’s market with my two girls and her daughter.  Two adults, one of whom is pregnant.  Two toddlers.  And an infant in a pear tree.

We had high hopes of leaving early in the morning and getting to the farmer’s market by 9, but we didn’t end up leaving until around 10:30.  Because getting three babies ready can be quite a task.

In a two car caravan we successfully found a parking spot downtown, and I pulled the stroller out of the back of my car.  As I went to get Bitsy Girl out of her car, though, she vomited.  And not a little bit, but an all of her breakfast kind of vomit.

Of course I went into panic mode, and I was glad my friend was there to throw a pack of baby wipes in my direction so I could start cleaning her up.  With no fever, I suspected Bitsy Girl had just gotten motion sickness, but I couldn’t take her to the farmer’s market in vomit covered clothing.  She managed to soak everything she was wearing except her socks.  I desperately fished through the diaper bag for some kind of clothing, even pajamas, and all I managed to find was a t-shirt.

Needless to say we didn’t end up going to the farmer’s market.  I put Bitsy Girl in just the clean shirt and her diaper on a shopping bag in her car seat (which was also fairly gross), wrapped her in a blanket, and headed home.

I learned a valuable lesson that day, though:

Diaper bags are large for a reason.  And it’s not because you will need 10 diapers in one outing.  It’s because you really might just need an extra set of clothing, even for a short outing.  Ironically enough it isn’t our new addition that has enlightened me to this change in my routine, but my once iron-stomached toddler.  Oh well.  Either way, lesson learned.

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