Christmas Fun with My Toddler

A few days ago I baked some Italian Christmas Cookies.  Unfortunately, since it is not my recipe I am not at liberty to share it.  I got the recipe from my mom, and I’m not sure who she got it from.

For those of you who are familiar with these cookies, they are the soft Christmas cookies that resemble tiny cakes more than actual cookies.

But that’s beside the point.

This morning I wanted to ice these cookies, and who better to help me ice by my cookie crazed toddler.

I sat Bitsy Girl down in a chair and laid the cookies out on wax paper in front of her.  That was only a bit of a mistake.  By the time I got the icing ready she already had taken a few bites of a cookie:

Keep in mind that Bitsy Girl never actually sits still.  Thus she is a blur.

Aside from stealing some cookies she did, however, help me spoon icing on the tops of these cookies,  First in a violent, stabbing manner, then more gently.  I asked her for help with the sprinkles, but she had no interest.

These were some iced cookies we made together.  When I reached for the powdered sugar to make more icing, I turned back to see this:

Yes, folks, my daughter got into the icing.  And that is what’s all over her chin.  Needless to say she spoiled her lunch today.  Oh well.  We had fun anyway. 🙂

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