A Busy Food Waste Friday

Yes, I realize today is Saturday. I haven’t got “mommy brain” that bad yet. But yesterday was so busy I really could find the time to blog.
Well little Miss Squishy Face was going through the first of several growth spurts she will have over the course of the next twelve months. And since she is exclusively nursing, that means about every hour or hour and a half during the day I had to stop whatever I was doing to breastfeed. I forgot about these growth spurts with Bitsy Girl. Then again the last time I nursed her the kid could practically unhook my bra herself! Oh the vast differences between nursing a toddler and nursing a newborn.
(Now that I re-read that paragraph, I realize that anyone would have to stop what they are doing to feed an infant, whether breast or bottle-feeding. Three week olds aren’t too keen on holding their own bottle. Duh.)
Aside from the marathon of breastfeeding yesterday, the three DP ladies ventured out to go see Santa Claus. This was Bitsy Girl’s second time and Squishy Girl’s first. We didn’t go to the mall, of course. I hate the mall at Christmas. Instead we saw Santa at the library in the our nearest city.
Personally I was quite pleased with the experience. There weren’t a ton of children, Santa and Mrs. Claus were both pleasant and cheerful, there was an easy craft for the kids, and there were cookies. What’s not to love? Oh yea, and it was free.
Squishy Girl slept through this entire experience (probably her longest nap of the day; so glad I didn’t have to nurse in front of 35 toddlers).
Bitsy Girl, on the other hand, was none-too-pleased with her second Santa experience. We walked up to the Clauses hand in hand. She watched other, older children happily climb on Santa’s lap and tell him what they wanted for Christmas. She seemed intrigued and excited about it. Oh boy I was wrong.
Bitsy was actually sizing up Santa, to see whether or not she wanted to go anywhere near this guy. By the time it was our turn to see Santa, She had decided she wanted nothing to do with this and hid behind my leg. I asked her if she’d like to sit in Santa’s lap, to which she quickly replied, “NO!”. After a bit of coaxing, the Bits agreed to take a picture with the old man, with me in it. Standing between them.

Classy, huh? She then proceeded to take her cookie from Mrs. Claus, because after that terrifying experience, who doesn’t need a cookie?
I look forward to telling Bitsy Girl all about that adventure in a few years.

Now as for my Food Waste…

I will confess that we got rid of a few things this week. It has been almost three weeks since we have been home from the hospital, and I have done absolutely no cooking. We have been blessed to have family and friends bring or share meals with us at least half the time, and the rest of the time we have been eating leftovers. I am honestly quite impressed.
Of course when someone else cooks in your house, they buy things you may not use again. That is my excuse for the fresh parsley. My father bought it and used it in this awesome chicken soup he made for us. Then I was left with most of a bunch of fresh parsley. It partially froze in the back of my fridge. Gross.
In the container was the last of a batch of pumpkin soup that I had made before Squishy Girl was born. I had been eating it until I realized she turned three weeks yesterday. It really needed to go.
Finally, the lemons. They are really all my fault. I don’t remember buying lemons, but apparently I did. And didn’t use them. Oh well.
Here’s to a clean fridge and a new week!


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