Dainty Bottom

First of all, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of you. I hope you had a wonderful time with family and friends and were nowhere near a computer. I confess I may have used Pinterest on Christmas morning during the girls’ nap. In my defense, Beard was sorting out some things on our home network, so it wasn’t like I was ignoring my family. Still, it felt strange.

Now on to today’s normal posting schedule:

This sweet little girl:
Has reminded me of the many many reasons why Beard and I chose to use cloth diapers on Bitsy Girl. Both of our girls were too small at birth to fit into our cloth diapers right away, and I didn’t think it would be very cost effective to buy a bunch of newborn size cloth diapers just for a few weeks. Both Bitsy Girl and Squishy Girl spend the first few weeks of life in disposable diapers exclusively.
And both girls developed a significant diaper rash within the first few weeks of life.
Most cloth diapers contain substances that are intended to aid in absorption of waste, but may also end up irritating babies’ skin. Newborns have especially sensitive skin, and they are much more susceptible to irritation from cloth diapers. Yet their bottoms are almost too dainty to put cloth diapers on.
What frustrates me mostis that this diaper rash is not for lack of trying to prevent and/or treat it. With Squishy Girl we have tried four different diaper rash creams, both natural and extra strength, as well as baby powder. And I literally change her diaper as soon as I hear or see she has gone to the bathroom in it.
(The only plus side to Huggies is that yellow stripe down the front that turns blue when your baby pees or poops.)
Still, her diaper rash waivers from not so bad to fairly painful looking. It’s kind of embarrassing.
The Mayo Clinic website has reassured me, though, that most cases of diaper rash are not serious and are treatable over the counter. So I plug along.
But I am wondering, for any parents out there, how small of a child have you put in size one cloth diapers? Bitsy Girl was close to 9 lbs before we even attempted it, and Squishy Girl might be over 7 lbs, but I think it will be several more weeks before she is as big as her sister was when we put cloth diapers on her. Could I be safe to make the switch sooner?

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