A Not So Dainty Bottom

Yesterday I talked about Squishy Girl’s poor little bottom and how I had been trying everything to get healed. You will be happy to know I took the plunge last night and put her in a cloth diaper, and this morning her skin already looked noticeably better. And, most importantly, the diapers didn’t leak. Score!

Today, though, I will be discussing a very different bottom. My own. Having a child really does something to a lady’s shape, and it isn’t pretty.
Thankfully I’m still fairly young and my body is more likely to bounce back; it did wonderfully after I had Bitsy Girl. That wasn’t without effort, though. I went for my first postpartum run two weeks after giving birth, and with Squishy Girl I had to wait a full three weeks.
Both times now I have been itching to get back on the road. This time I have even more reason to: I have a sweet new pair of kicks to try out.
My first run back this time was not as difficult as it had been after my last pregnancy, probably because it has been a comfortable 50 degrees here instead of the 90+ it tends to be in July when I had the Bits. Even so, it was still my first run in several months, and I’m sure it didn’t look pretty.
Pregnancy makes you gain some extra “maternal fat stores” and widens your hips; that doesn’t make for a graceful runner, let me tell you.
I’ll be slowly but surely trying to get myself back into shape by running and doing some light weight training to make this not so dainty bottom just a little more dainty.

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