I Feel Like Wonder Woman Today

Why? Because I am running about a million errands today with both girls, and it’s going fairly well.
I had my four week postpartum check up today, and the girls both have a pediatrician appointment, so I decided to make a day of it and get milk and fruit, hit the bank, the post office, the library, and donate some clothes at the Goodwill bin, all of which happens to be on my way to and from the midwife and pediatrician offices. Phew!
We are home now, halfway through our day of craziness, for a nap. If Bitsy Girl doesn’t get a good nap in, she can be wearing those cranky pants the rest of the afternoon and evening. So I thought it best to have lunch at home and let her take a snoozer.
How have I been doing all this today?
Two reasons:
1. I had a good breakfast: Plain yogurt, flax seed, Total whole grain flakes, chopped pear, all drizzled with honey. Fiber and protein, baby.
2. I pack the car while the girls are sleeping. Mainly because toddlers are curious and empty any bag you pack.

Oh well. Here goes round 2!

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