Keeping It Cool

This afternoon I write you from a very calm state of mind.
About two hours ago, you would not have found me like this.
The scene:
Bitsy Girl had recently woken up from her morning nap and was pointing to her mouth, letting me know she was hungry. She needed a diaper change first, though.
Little Miss Squishy Girl had been hanging out (literally) in the Moby wrap for most of the morning, so I was sure she also could use a diaper change.
(The Moby wrap is basically a piece of cloth that can be wrapped around oneself in such a way that makes it easy to carry a baby hands free. Both of my girls loved it and would almost always fall asleep in it.)
I had Bitsy Girl on the changing table and was taking care of a particularly poopy diaper when I smelled something foul. And it was not, nor did it ever come from my daughter.
As a side note, I have noticed as a mom that I recognize the smell of my own daughter’s poop. Gross, I know, but handy in situations where there are lots of kids. It’s like knowing your baby’s cry, but more gross.
Anyway. I turn around to find that Bruno had also left me a steaming pile of his own feces six inches behind my heel. Without warning me he had to go outside, of course.
I pretty much lost it. There really is only so much poop a person can take at once. Bruno went outside, then right to bed. Bitsy Girl got lunch, then some free playtime. And somehow little Squishy Face slept through the ordeal.
In the middle of it all, Beard calls me up to see if I could bring him Squishy Girl’s birth certificate, which I am fairly certain I accidentally threw away. The poor man got dumped on (pun intended).
It took me almost an hour to recover from my mildly traumatic poop experience. Bitsy Girl and I baked a batch of muffins, because honestly, what ailment could homemade muffins not cure?
I really had to take a step back and realize this was not the worst thing that could happen to me. And that I should really learn to keep my cool in these situations. I love my babies, and am glad I get to enjoy their young years. That means I do have to change a lot of diapers.
And I do love Bruno, despite what I tell him sometimes, and having him around means occasionally I will have to clean up his accidents.
So really, I asked for these kinds of days.
These are the days the really test my patience and bring anger and frustration boiling out of me. But instead I have got to learn to just take a deep breath, dive in, and stay cool.

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