The Importance of Napping


There aren’t very many things set in stone schedule-wise in our house, but nap time is one of them.

The other is actually my refusal to eat lunch before 12 or dinner before 5.  Never. Gonna. Happen.

Anywho.  Nap time is an essential part of our day.  Bitsy, of course, needs a few hours to rest and recoup from a long morning of playing, running around, and generally just being busy.  That little girl hardly sits down if she’s not eating or asleep.

Nap time, though, is also important for the rest of the household.  For those of you who don’t have young, mobile children, you may not realize how much attention and care they really need.  Granted I am not changing Bitsy’s diaper every hour or so like I am Squishy Girl’s, but I do have to have my good eye on her at all times, otherwise she is likely to pull things out of the trashcan and eat them or stick her hand into her diaper to check for what I can only imagine she thinks is buried treasure.

But I digress.

Both on days when Beard is working or when he’s home, nap time is essential to everyone’s sanity.  It’s when adults get to eat lunch in peace.  It’s when we can watch shows that may be inappropriate for little ones on a Sunday afternoon.  (Lately we have really gotten into Fringe, and there are far too many dead bodies on that show to allow a toddler to see it.)  Nap time is when I get my chance to stare at the Little Squish’s cute squishy cheeks and kiss her lips without a jealous sister asking for “uppies”.  And nap time is when I can read a book in peace.  It really is wonderful.

And as you can see, nap time is when dear Bruno recoups from a morning of chasing after and dodging our active little Bits.

And, of course, after nap time, our little toddler is so much more pleasant and ready to tackle her many roles of dog catcher, scholar, scientist, daughter, and big sister.



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