New Year’s Resolution

This, Ladies and Gentlemen, is our spare bedroom:

100_2268 100_2267 100_2266There are three shots for the full effect.

Talk about being real.

I tend to hate the more traditional New Year’s resolutions: lose weight, get fit, take over the world, so this year I’ve decided to be more mindful of the state of my home.  Now I know I have two little ones, so I don’t really have a ton of extra time and energy for this, but I always have at least 15 extra minutes in a day (besides blogging, Bible reading, etc.) to myself when I could do SOMETHING.

So that is my goal, folks.  Take about 15 minutes a day to do SOMETHING to improve the cleanliness, clutter, or look of my home.  Call it a service to all of us at the DP household.

I chose the spare bedroom as my first project because it is not functional at all.  There are a lot of things in there that neither Beard nor I have used in over a year, but it’s all hidden under things that just generally don’t have a place but are getting used.  It’s a terrible state of affairs.  Those pictures were taken yesterday afternoon, after Beard and I had extricated a full-size mattress and box spring from the room.  Yes, that made that room look wonderful, as you might imagine.

Today, I timed myself using a free online stopwatch, and in fifteen minutes I accomplished this:

100_2278 100_2277 100_2275It’s definitely not company-worthy, and that bookshelf still terrifies me, but hey, I found two garbage bags worth of trash in that pile. 🙂


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