More Decluttering and Baby Acne

First, I need to show you all today’s fifteen minutes photos.  They are ridiculous.


100_2284Please note the absence of the large pile of junk that used to sit on my sewing machine.

(Yes, folks, I’m sure you were all wondering what that was.  It’s a sewing machine.  Now it can be used. 🙂 )

100_2285I just hadn’t really taken a shot in this direction.  I didn’t work in this corner, but this is the spot where I blog from.  I will confess that the two things up on my bulletin board are old and are trash.  I am ignoring them until I decided I want to paint the board.

100_2283And finally, the bookshelf.  BAM.  It almost looks pretty.

This little sweetheart:

100_2286better known around this house as Squishy Girl (Squishy Bean, or just plain Bean) had developed quite the case of baby acne.  I know it is completely normal for baby’s her age, so I honestly wasn’t concerned.  She gets a bath every few days or so, and I usually wash her face with Johnson’s Baby Wash in the morning.  I know she is clean, so I assumed the baby acne was just her skin’s way of acclimating to her environment.

Well, yesterday morning I was feeling a teeny bit lazy and didn’t want to bring her to the bathroom to wash her face.  Instead I just sprayed one of our cloth wipes with my cloth diaper spray and washed her face with that.

The cloth diaper spray is something I have been making since Bitsy Girl got into cloth diapers almost 18 months ago.  It is simply the following:

  • water
  • 5 pumps (2-3 tbsp) Johnson’s Baby Wash
  • 2-3 tbsp either baby oil or olive oil (don’t judge, olive oil works wonders on skin)
  • about 5 drops lavender essential oil

I mix these together right in my 6 oz spray bottle and I’m good to go for a few days.

(A bottle used to last much longer when I had only one person’s diapers to change. 😉 )

I’m not sure if it’s the olive oil or the lavender oil, but one of them cleared the Bean’s baby acne right up.  When she woke up this morning it was all but gone.

It was sort of a stumbled upon cure, but hey, it works.


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