Readjusting. Again.

This week Beard’s work schedule changed.  Yes a full seven weeks after we had our second baby.

He used to work twelve hour days starting at 7 am, but that has been shifted to 12 hours days starting at 11am.

This may not sound like a big change, but oh boy, when you have two babies does that make a big difference.

Last week we finally put the Bean in her crib in the room she will now share with Bitsy Girl, and that was an adjustment in and of itself.  Both girls had a pretty rough night that first night, but it hasn’t been so bad since then.  With the door cracked I can hear the Bean start to get hungry before cries and wakes up the Bits.  Usually Bitsy Girl won’t hear me sneak into their room, get the Bean, feed her, change her, and put her back down.  On the rare occasion that she does hear me, she usually just pokes her head through the bars of her toddler bed and shouts “hi!”  Seriously, she has to be the most easy-going child ever.

Well, putting both girls in the same room has meant I have had to adjust my sleeping pattern a bit.

And Beard’s schedule change has forced me to adjust my sleep just a bit more.  I saw all this to say:

I haven’t blogged all week because I am tired.  And I’ve missed it.

Once I figure out a more regular, predictable sleeping pattern I will be back more regularly.  For now, my blogging will be sporadic at best.

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