A Day Well Enjoyed

Just after Beard left for work this morning the girls and I were able to enjoy this:
Yes. That is snow. 🙂
We didn’t play outside in the snow today since the Bean is a bit too small to be outside in the cold for long periods of time.
Oh, and the last time Bitsy Girl was out in the snow she screamed every time she fell. Which was often.
Short legs + snow pants + snow boots = discombobulated toddler in the snow
So the four of us (Bruno included) watched the big beautiful flakes fall from the comfort of our warm an toasty living room.
In the afternoon, while the girls slept I baked some heart-shaped biscuits for a breakfast I am bringing to church on Sunday. Come to think of it, I should take some pictures for you tomorrow. They came out pretty cute.
Oh yea, and tasty.

Today, of course, is Food Waste Friday, and here are the goodies I cleaned out of our fridge:
Some slimey spinach. Gross.
Both the container and the bowl are some African Chicken Peanut Stew that I made two weeks ago. I ended up eating most of the leftovers, but some got away from me. The little bowl was from an evening when I attempted to give Bitsy Girl some for dinner. She was having none of it, and I think she ended up with a peanut butter sandwich that night.
Luckily she isn’t usually too picky, so when she refuses to eat something I usually give her grace and let her have an old favorite.

Simply Being Mum

Finally, my fifteen minutes in the spare bedroom produced this:

I tackled our desk. Now I feel like I can really work here.
Which is good because I have a tax return to work on soon!

Happy Friday!

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