It’s Always a Successful Day When..

Somebody poops in the tub.
That would be the Squishy Bean for the win this evening. My girls have both had huge appetites lately, and there is no longer any predictability about their bowel movements. Which leaves me in fear each time I put them in the bathtub.
But today, folks, I overcame that fear. The Little Bean pooped, and I *almost* calmly pulled the Bean out of the tub and put her in her little reclining floor chair, while having the Bits just hang out on the bath mat. I drained the water quickly, wiped out the tub, and refilled it.
I had only just shampooed their hair and hadn’t rinsed it yet.
While waiting for the water to drain, the Bean pooped again. In her reclining chair. Perfect. Luckily the fabric cover removes easily and is machine washable. It’s washing with the diapers at the moment. 🙂

I have these moments in motherhood when I think to myself “I really can’t deal with this right now; I’m hungry, tired, grumpy, etc.” But somehow God manages to give me grace. And a lot of patience. We get through a rough moment and suddenly the Bean coos at me or Bitsy Girl gives me a big ol’ kiss and none of it matters. What does matter is that I can enjoy them while they are small and form strong relationships with them now so that years from now they will remember that Mommy was the one who watched them play outside, kissed their boo-boos, read them the same book five times in a row, and gave them their favorite food for lunch.

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