A Fork in the Road

Over the course of the last three weeks Ryan and I have been participating in a fast with our church body.  The congregation had collective prayers, and we as a family had some of our own.  One of the greatest things we both prayed for was awakening in our lives.  My husband and I both prayed daily that God would draw our family closer and closer to Him in hopes that we would live our lives to please Him, not ourselves.

In doing this, we both realized that our lives are, of course, not our own, and they can be used to pour the Gospel into others in many different ways.  That does not necessarily come naturally to either of us.  Sure it is easy to be good examples of the Gospel at work by being generally nice, well-behaved people, but that simply isn’t enough.  We know we need to share how God used our experiences for His plan.  We should be sharing what we learn from the Lord in order that we might help others grow in deeper relationship with Him.

Our pastor talked about mentoring, not just formally, but informally, and for varying periods of time.  He said to look around you; God often places people in your circle of influence that you can (and should) mentor.  I thought and prayed about my circle of influence for weeks.  I am a stay-at-home mother with two babies, and although I do participate in a few moms’ groups and activities with the girls, I find it difficult to strike up conversations with new people.

An odd thought for a woman who blogs about her life, huh?

After a while, though, it became obvious to me that my circle of influence may not necessarily be people I see physically, but more than likely, women (and maybe men?) that either read my blog regularly or stop by just once.

Did I creep you out yet?

With this information, I stand at a fork in the road:  Do I completely change the face of my blog and focus entirely on the spiritual?  Or do I ignore my obvious circle of influence on my readers?

I choose, to do neither.  Or both.  However you look at it.

I will still continue to blog about cooking, homemaking, raising babies, etc.  I will, though, interject at least weekly with what the Lord is teaching me about being a follower of Christ, a wife, a mother, and a friend.

I realize by doing this I may lose some readers, but that is not my goal.  I just hope I can be used to help others grow deeper in their relationship with God.

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