Green Updates: It’s Going to Be a Good Year…


About a week and a half ago I shared with you all that I started some seeds inside.  Some tomato seeds, to be precise.  Some delicious San Marzano tomato seeds that literally were purchased from Italy, planted in my dad’s garden, consumed by our family, then had their seeds dried.

So complex, yet so simple.


I used dollar store top soil in this particular egg carton, and in fear of not getting any germinating seeds, Madeline and I put 3-4 seeds in each egg cup.  We watered each cup thoroughly, then covered the whole carton in plastic wrap until the seedlings poked through the soil.

Each morning the Bits and I would look in on our seeds to see how they were doing.  I took the photo above this evening.

I think we had successful germination.  And I think it is safe to say that we will have a surplus of tomato plants this year.

It is going to be a good year. 🙂


And as an aside, I haven’t kept up well with recording my fifteen minutes of decluttering.  I am still working in our spare bedroom, because it never seems to stay clean very long.  Here are my befores:

100_2425100_2424And my afters:

100_2426 100_2427Please note that the metal file holder mounted on the wall is finally being utilized.  That little sucker only set me back $1 at Ollie’s, and it has been well worth it.  It clears up the desk, and gives my brain room to think rather than being distracted by bills and paperwork in my face all the time.

Later this week I will talk a bit more about my decluttering/beautifying project that is my home.  I’ve had some more insights I would like to share, but I haven’t quite been able to collect my thoughts coherently enough to present in a blog post.

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