Word of the Day: Nutella

Madeline has been learning new words every hour, it seems. She picks up two, three, and four syllable words on the first try, these days.  One of her new words today was “Nutella”.  Why?  Because we made brownies.

You’re welcome, Small Group friends. 🙂

I searched Pinterest for recipes with Nutella because I have a large jar and will eat it by the spoonful if I don’t put it into something.  I found this:


This super simple recipe used a full cup of Nutella.  I was pleased.  And the brownies came out delicious.

I promise I only tasted the scraps.

Click the link and head to Mother Thyme’s blog to see the recipe; I won’t copy her recipe here.  That’s plaguerism, folks.

The best part about making these brownies this afternoon, though:  making them with Madeline.

100_2438And letting her lick the spoon. 🙂

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