Play Time!

Ladies and Gentlemen, you know I have only two children.  And let’s be honest, little Miss Clara Bean isn’t playing with too many toys.

Though the girl has a lot of neat things to sit in or lay on.

Even though I just like holding her all day.

But I digress.

My point is, I have only one child playing with the majority of the toys in our home, and yet, for a while, the toys seemed to be taking over our home.

That is until I organized them. 😉

I was inspired by a friend of mine who actually put toys in specific spots throughout her home.  Her girls had places to play in almost every room in the house.  This looked ideal to me since having Madeline at home is quite like having a midget stalker; she follows me into every room I am in.  And if she has some things she can tinker with in that room, I feel a bit better.

So without further ado, my version of little play centers for my toddler:

100_2444 100_2445

This is Madeline’s play corner in the kitchen.  Yes, it does resemble a recycling bin.  That’s because the little Bits was always taking the empty plastic bottles that we sit next to the garbage can on its way to the dump.  Rather than telling her she couldn’t, I just rinsed out a few choice containers (a lotion bottle, two wipes boxes, as well as an old oatmeal container and a tissue box) and let her play with them.  The little food toys are fun for her to have in the kitchen, too.  My mom got her these so she can pretend she is cooking with Mommy.

Sometimes she cooks real food with me or her father.  Sometimes the cooking is just too dangerous (think anything that might involve splattering oil or rapid boiling water).  That’s when Madeline plays with her fake food.

100_2449These are the Bits’ living room toys:  Her Legos, her books, and some fun Baby Einstein flashcards.  I tried to keep noisy toys out of the living room because when people come to visit, we usually sit in the living room, and let’s be honest, it’s hard to chat when there is some obnoxious toy playing music over and over again.

This little area:

100_2450is actually for the Little Bean.  This soft mat is great for tummy time, and you can’t tell in this picture, but it has a pillow in the very front with a small, soft mirror and some crinkly parts, which I think she’ll enjoy in a few weeks.  The Bean, does like relaxing in the Boppy pillow sometimes, too, so that is in her spot, along with some small rattle and stuffed toys that are easy for tiny hands to grab.


These are Madeline’s “no-supervision-necessary” art supplies.  She has some washable crayons, a coloring book, some construction paper, and stickers in there.  As well as a foam spinning top, for fun.  She knows if she wants to color, she can grab her coloring book whenever.

**Madeline hasn’t yet drawn on the walls or any other inappropriate surface, otherwise I would not let her have crayons unsupervised.

Finally, in the girls’ room I put all of the stuffed animals in a large cloth bin, as well as the chalkboard easel, the baby doll and her clothes and accessories, and a few of Madeline’s puzzles and logic type toys.  (Those find their way into the living room sometimes because they can be a lot of fun!)

And of course  the noisy toys.  I only allow one out at a time.  And it stays in the girls’ room.

So I keep a bit of sanity.


And of course.  After cleaning and sorting through toys I realized today was Food Waste Friday.  Luckily we have no wasted food to report for this week.  But Madeline and I did have to eat some previously “eyed” potatoes for dinner.  Oh well, they made excellent oven fries regardless.

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