Local Booty

I should warn you guys:

Sometimes, I crack myself up.

When I was driving home this morning I thought of the title for this post and literally laughed out loud.

At my own joke.

It’s almost as bad as the inside joke I have with myself about t-rexes having dinner together but can’t pass the dishes to one another because their arms are so puny and short.

Yes, you read that correctly.  An inside joke with myself.

You should really pray for Ryan.  His wife is crazy.

Anyway, this morning, my little Clara and I ventured to our local farmer’s market.  I am so glad that in the last few months, the DP household has been using more and more local foods.  Here is the bulk of my farmer’s market purchase:

100_2461From left to right:

a bag of kale, local eggs, a head of cabbage, freshly ground (while I waited!) hard red wheat flour, milk, buttermilk, yellow onions, and a mix of pink lady, fuji, and winesap apples.

(Not pictured:  my giant quart of local honey and two more milk half-gallons which have already been made into yogurt. :-D)

Not only is eating locally grown and produced foods often healthier for our family, it is healthier for our economy.  Ryan and I love supporting small businesses and putting our money back into the local economy.

Buying locally also means more of our food uses less fossil fuels than average to get to our kitchen.

What kids of local foods do you like to buy?



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