Green Update: Things are Growing!

Well, Friends,  I am ashamed to say that I worked hard on getting tomato seedlings to take root (haha) but put them in the ground too early.  Our ten day forecast had said we would have 50 degree temperatures the rest of the week, so I took it upon myself to toss my tomato seedlings in the ground.

That night it hailed.

Oh well.

I bought new tomato plants at our local Amish/Mennonite/Natural Food/Awesome Store.

(That is it’s technical title, yes.)

100_2526They are lovely, aren’t they?

In addition, I have some lettuce coming up.  Some lettuce I actually planted, mind you.  I continue to have lettuce planted by our home’s previous owner pop up every year.

Not that I mind.  I like salads. 🙂

100_2520In addition, I love all things green, so I decided to plant some spinach and kale this year:

100_2522 100_2523Isn’t the kale cute?  All spikey?

I also have some Egyptian bunching onions, a gift from my husband’s grandparents:

100_2518We haven’t tasted them yet, because, honestly, I’m not sure what to do with them.  When I figure it out, I’ll let you know.

Because, really, that is a lot of bunching onions to let go to waste.

I have also tried my hand at peas this year.  They seem to be doing well:


And my final green update deals with our rhubarb.

For those of you that are not familiar with this strange delicacy, it is a reddish stalk that resembles celery.  It is often cooked with strawberries to be made into jams or pies, but it can be used on its own.  My husband loves it.  So I have to grow it.

It is a perrenial, meaning the plant returns every year, but it does die back quite a bit in the winter time.  As it started coming back this year, I saw the bunched up leaves sticking up through the dirt.  Bunched as they were, the leaves looked a bit like an alien creature emerging from my garden, so I had said it looked creepy.

Of course, Madeline heard my reaction.

Now when we go into the garden to check on our plants she points to the rhubarb to remind me:  “Creepy, Mommy.”

Yes, Baby Girl.  Creepy indeed:

100_2525 100_2524

I also have grandious plans to make a large flower bed near our mailbox since it is a pain in the neck to mow the lawn around it.

When life gives you lemons, make a pretty flower bed out of it, I say. 🙂

Has anyone else begun digging in the ground?

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