And I thought I was the physicist around here…




Apparently, though, my husband is the resident engineer.

Or MacGyver.


We have been in shed cleaning mode for a few weeks since the weather has been nice.  I hope to have a yard sale sometime soon to get rid of a lot of the things lurking in that shed.

One item, though, we cannot sell.  We are storing a mattress and box spring for my sister-in-law and her husband, and we had to come up with a good storage solution for it.  That thing took up too much space on the floor.

Using his noggin, this is what Ryan came up with:



Complete, of course with a rudimentary pulley system.  We have since lowered the box spring and put the mattress on top, covered in plastic, so both sit up at the ceiling.

The best part:  we can walk underneath it. 🙂

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