100_2529My children crack me up.  I suppose they have to, otherwise my job would be oh so boring, wouldn’t it?

Our little Squish Bean likes to sit on the couch and supervise life in our house.  The other day, I plopped her in her favorite spot so she could monitor both household happenings, as well as the crazy neighborhood dogs in our front yard.  I snuck into the kitchen to work on some laundry and came back to find the Bits reading to Clara.

And by reading, I mean “reading”.

But still.

And here I was worried she would have a hard time adjusting to having a sister.

It turns out, all she wanted was someone to read to and teach things to.  And Clara is willing to do both.

100_2530In other news, today is Food Waste Friday:

100_2531We have unfortunately wasted about half a heart of celery, as well as about 1/4 of a head of cabbage this week.  And, a very small amount of yogurt.

(It just looks like that is a full jar of yogurt, but in fact, there was less than 1/4 cup in there; the sides were just coated.  Regardless, old yogurt = smelly yogurt.)

With these items dumped, our fridge is free of old, unusable items.

It also looks painfully empty.  Good thing I go shopping soon!



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