The Scary Things Toddlers Say

Lately Ryan has been reading some things on the internet where people share some of the scary things their children have said.
We have experienced a few of our own with the Bits, since she has quite a vocabulary nowadays. For example, on a recent car ride with just daddy, Madeline continually shouted, “Bug! Chair! Daddy! Bug!” while Ryan was driving. Needless to say he was terrified. Because, really, how much information can you get out of a toddler? One would love to know what kind of bug, or how big is it? Or is it crawling towards my face? But all he could get out of Madeline was “bug”, “chair”, and “daddy”.
Another instance involved part of Bitsy’s new nighttime routine. I usually read a book to the girls, and while I nurse Clara, Madeline will continue to look at the book. Sometimes she will keep it in bed with her until after I leave the room. Usually I have no problem with that, until I heard this come out of her mouth one morning:
“Madeline eat book.”
“Oh, would you like to read a book while you eat breakfast, Madeline?”
“No, Madeline EAT book.”
Then I looked and realized she had literally taken a bite out of the book. Perhaps she got hungry?
This morning, though, while I was changing the girls and getting them ready for the day, Madeline said perhaps the scariest thing I have heard her say to this day:
“Madeline eat Clara Bean.”
Please, Child, no. You’ve only got one sister. Don’t EAT her!

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