Not a Reflection of Myself

It’s funny to me that I remember hearing parenting advice years ago, but never paid any attention to it.  I didn’t have children afterall.  Heck, I wasn’t even married.  But when I think hard enough, I can remember hearing older family members or friends’ parents say things that I should be heeding right now.

Yesterday, that piece of advice was the following:

Your children are not necessarily a reflection of yourself.

It is true that both Beard and I have to put in hard work to raise Godly children with all the fruits of the spirit.  Unfortunately, though, we cannot control our children’s behavior.  We can teach them how we want them to behave and discipline them when they do not behave accordingly, but they are still their own individuals.  They are people separate from their parents.

Boy is that hard to tell myself.

We have been potty-training for the last several days, and yesterday we ran into several instances where Madeline would sit on the potty for almost 20 minutes, get down, pull up her training pants, then go pee in them.  It literally takes all of my patience and self-restraint to not yell at her.

Why?  Because somehow, deep down, I got the notion that if she can’t potty-train quickly it is my fault.

But it’s not.

It’s a new habit, as my mother keeps telling me, and she needs time to incorporate it into her schedule.

And as her mom what I need is patience to let her learn this habit without feeling guilty for how long it is taking her.  I can expect only so much of her, afterall.  She is not even two.


In other news:

100_2635This is my mildly embarrassing food waste photo for today.  I have some Sweet Baby Ray’s sauce in the container with the black lid.  I cooked chicken breasts in the sauce almost a month ago.  It has to go.

On top of that is an old piece of toast from the last time Beard wasn’t feeling well.  Again, about a month ago.

The two purple lidded containers are sour cream and ranch dip.  Both of which had gone to work with my husband for lunch, and when he doesn’t finish them, he brings them home.

Then never looks at them again.

The blue lidded container is also ranch dip.  Same M.O.

Below that are salsa and ketchup in two green lidded containers.  They, too, went to work with Beard, then got shoved in the fridge.

Finally, the large green lidded container has some food substance in it that I don’t even recognize.  I think there are grapes in there, and maybe yogurt, which leads me to believe it was some breakfast of Madeline’s.  But it’s hard to tell.  So to the garbage it goes!

Oh well, here is to a clean fridge!



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