Some One-on-One with My Baby


This is my baby girl.

What happened to the time?!?!

This sweet baby girl, Clara is already six months old.  She is getting onto all fours already.

See???  (There is some air between that squishy belly and the carpet.)


Most days around here I get one-on-one time with Madeline because Clara takes a nap in the morning.  That’s when the Bits and I do some reading, some gardening, some working on colors and shapes and animals.  We just hang.  It’s mommy and Bitsy time.

But today, little Miss Squishy Bean woke up about an hour before her sister from her afternoon nap.  So after feeding her, the squish and I got some time to hang out.

100_2674I loved being able to focus on her and not just while nursing her.  This little Clara Bean is a happy, strong, and determined little squish.  In the last few weeks she has figured out she can sit and play with toys for several minutes at a time, as well as roll to get places.  Seriously, this little girl amazes me.

She has also recently started eating “solid” foods.  Just like with the Bits, we started right around 6 months (a day before her UnBirthday, to be exact).  It took the Squish a while to get the hang of the spoon, but now it seems as though she likes it.  I had to share this photo with you all from this afternoon’s lunch of beets and carrots:


And finally.

It is Friday, friends.  Food Waste Friday.

This week we wasted some buttermilk.  Which may or may not have expired a month ago.

Don’t judge me.

There was also a small container of leftover salad that was in Beard’s lunchbox.  It came home, instead of being eaten, and it sat in the fridge for a few days.  So I had to toss it.

Finally, I tossed the last bit of some Tropicana Farmstand juice.  I had a coupon for it, and we love Tropicana orange juice around here.  I thought I would give the Farmstand (vegetable and fruit juice combination) a try.  It was gross.  It literally tasted like drinking a lollipop, which is not what I look for in a juice for breakfast.



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