You Caught Me!

100_2666Red lipped.  Er, red handed.

I haven’t blogged in almost four weeks.


Well it has been a crazy busy four weeks here at the Domesticated Physicist household.  I just finished up two online classes last week, which, by the way, is not what I would recommend when you have two little people at home.  That’s a lot of school.  Just, you know, for your information.

But other than that, we have had quite an adventurous few weeks:

100_2674 100_2679I have had some one-on-one time with my Clara Squish.  Watching her learn to sit up, then get on all fours, and now army crawl has been awe-inspiring.  I cannot tell you how special and amazing it is to watch this little girl move.  And, of course, her joy in her new mobility is great.  She squeals and squeaks happily while hurling herself across the living room floor.

100_2685The girlies continue to grow to love each other.  Most days.

100_2710Miss Madeline has recently learned how to put on shoes.

No, not just her shoes.  Any shoes.  Daddy Beard’s are her favorite.



We visited the beach!  Our little Bitsy Girl went only about this far into the ocean.  “Water scary”, as she reminded us every time we got on to the sand.

100_2717Clara was skeptical, as well.

100_2731All in all, though, we had a good time with family and friends.



This momma got some relaxation in.  Because somebody liked napping on the beach.

100_2745Might I suggest beach tents for your next family vacation?  These things are amazing to make babies sleep while listening to the ocean.

Best $25 ever spent.

Last but not least, we celebrated a birthday:

100_2772This little girl turned two!

(Next year she’ll be 22, mark my words.)

Also, I love this photo of Madeline looking at her cake, but I have yet to figure out why I look so much like a praying mantis.

So I offer you this picture instead:

100_2774I know, not as good.  Plus my creepily placed hands are still there.  Weird.


Friends, I am back.

(Cue “Welcome Back, Kotter” Theme.)

Hey, it’s my blog.  I’ll do what I want.

Tune in tomorrow for the continuing adventures of:

This Domesticated Physicist.






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