Nifty Way to Store Mixed Greens

100_2801Friends, let me explain to you my disdain for slimey lettuce.  It could possibly be the most offensive thing ever.  It not only is slippery and wet, but also tends to smell bad, and if one is not careful, consumption of slimey lettuce could lead to gagging.


That is why I usually do not buy large containers of mixed greens.  They tend to get slimey too quickly for us to eat it all.  Granted, we compost the lettuce we don’t eat, but I still end up having to buy more for salads.

During the spring and early fall, we eat lettuce from our garden, but the particular lettuce we grow does not like the Virginia heat.  So it goes to seed in summer, then reappears as the temperatures drop.

Perhaps it’s time to invest in a heat-loving lettuce.


We are in the heat of summer, and I am forced to buy lettuce.  Sometimes spinach.  But let’s be honest, folks.  Those tasty tasty mixed greens are way better than baby spinach on your everyday salad.

I brought home my fairly large container of mixed greens with high hopes that the internet would produce for me a good way to store these until our family could finish them all.  After researching several different sites, I found one way (given by several sources) that seemed easy enough.

100_2800Lay out the greens on a bath towel to dry completely.  Most consumers don’t realize that when they buy packaged, pre-washed greens they may not be completely dry.  And this is really not great for keeping them from getting slimey and wilty.

Next, roll the short end of one of the towels until you make what looks like a very large, but strangely healthy Yodel:

100_2803*Note* The towel is not edible in this Yodel scenario.

100_2802Tie string or place rubber bands around the rolled up towel and place in your fridge.  Internet lore says my greens will last a week this way.  We shall see, readers.  We shall see.





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