And Today Was Momentous..

Readers, although my dearest Beard and I bought our house over two years ago, we have not officially be homeowners.

Do not mistake what I mean by that statement.  We got out a mortgage, we pay on that mortgage, and we pay our taxes.  We own this home.

But until today, we didn’t own this home.

What changed?

Our water heater.

On Bitsy Girl’s birthday, Ryan went into the crawl space to check on something, only to find our not-so-old but oh-so-large water heater hemorrhaging water all over.

Not a pretty sight, I can assure you.

After turning it off and living with cold water for a few days while deliberating the benefits of traditional tank water heaters versus continuous hot water heaters, we made our selection.

And today, with some help from our brother-in-law, my Builder Beard successfully changed our hot water heater.

This was the first appliance we changed.

Painting walls, arranging furniture, and hanging pictures.

These things are for sissies.  You can do these in most apartments.

But when it comes to changing out large appliances like a hot water heater, that, my friends, is when you know you are officially a homeowner.

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